How to Get What You Want As A BOSS

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

Too often we are asked to sit back and not say anything because individuals will feel uncomfortable or get intimidated because your personality is amazing. The thought for the day is not to miniziae yourself to please someone else and being authentic to yourself, this is selfceare. The twist to this is being authentic in the right moment, because at the end of the day we have to play chess in order to be successful. We have to learn to be who we are in at the right time or moment.

In order to be a boss an individual has to have a number of qualities:

Being in tune with your employees gifts and abilities and allowing then to grow and advance in their ablilities

Listen to your staff if they have ideas for a project

Consistently communicate with your staff until they are able to fly: the more often you communicate with your staff in the beginning, the more of a chance you will have to workless and be able to create more ideas to grow your business.

Be truthful to yourself: live in truth

Give Back: Always give back. At How To Gets It a portion of the profits will go to victims of domestic violence. In giving back it allows your business to make a difference, no matter if you feel like it's not, it really is.

Create a vision board and living your life through these pictures. The vision board will serve as a guide to achieving your goals. It becomes your vision and the best devise which makes you accountable in achieving your dreams. See the link to my book " How To Get Itat my ETSY shop.

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